Kung Fu Panda could probably kick Wall-E’s Ass.

I was not looking forward to Kung Fu Panda.

To be honest, I’ve had about enough of Jack Black’s shtick and it just did not strike me as something that I HAD to see.  The characters were cute and all, but every picture I saw of Black and Angelina Jolie “yucking it up” at the premiere just sorta turned me off to it.

Well I was wrong.

I had the good fortune to see it in an IMAX theater today and it ROCKS. Really, really well done from start to finish. Laugh out loud funny and as succesful a Kung Fu homage as Kill Bill (albeit it in a much different way.)

It is visually stunning to look at and a whole lot of fun.

Jack Black gives Po the Dragon warrior Panda a soul from the minute you hear his voice.

Dustin Hoffman is AWESOME in this and it also has David Cross. Everything is better with David (Chicken Pot Pie) Cross.

If Dreamworks has a few more Kung Fu Panda quality movies on the way, Pixar/Disney should be nervous.


I vant the 9 milimeter Uzi and somezing vit a view of da ocean . . .

My 7 year old daughter has become one of the 5 biggest fans of the Terminator I have ever met.

She is a big fan of the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show and the other night she noticed the original 3 films in my DVD collection.

After she begged for a few hours as only a 7 year old can,  we sat down to watch the first one.

This is not a review. This is just an observation. I never noticed this before and now that I have and REALLY thought about it – this movie is ruined for me.

I shall now ruin it for YOU.

I like to share.

The Terminator comes to our time to kill Sarah Connor.

That is all it has to do. It does not need to eat. It does not need to sleep. It does not need to rest. All it needs to do is find Sarah Connor – and kill her. So why then, does the Terminator – get a motel room.

I have seen this movie 15 times and never questioned it. I am questioning it now. Why would the Terminator get a motel room. It is implied that he ‘snuck” into the room as we see him climb in the window, but then later a maintenance man asks if he has a dead cat in the room. So they know SOMEBODY is there.


You would think that the Terminator would spend EVERY waking moment hunting for Sarah Connor – what with him being a TERMINATOR and all.

The whole Kyle Reese is John Connor’s father thing used to make my head hurt, but now – I’m just annoyed.

I wonder if he posted a review on Hotels.com

Stupid Terminator movie.

Batman – Gotham Knap

Batman Gotham Knight sounded like a much better idea than it turned out to be.

5 different anime directors give us their imaginings of the Dark Knight just in time to serve as an appetizer for the biggest movie of the summer.

But as it turns out, there is not an original idea among them.   All moody and morbidly serious without a second of fun throughout.

For all the power of Batman’s gallery of bad guys, we get 12 seconds of Killer Croc for no apparent reason, a smidgen of scarecrow to remind us he was the villain in Batman Begins and a story with Deadshot that is so by the numbers that I actually dozed off.

There is NOTHING original here. Even Kevin Conroy, the official animated voice of the Dark Knight for about 20 years now sounds as if he is phoning it in.

The first story in the anthology is called “Have I got a Story to Tell You”  – it is a piece told from the POV of a group of street kids who have seen the Bat in action in person. It is supposed to show how different people perceive him differently based on experience and situation. The biggest problem is that this story has been told in animation already as part of the wildly more entertaining Batman – The Animated Series and also as an issue of Detective Comics in the early eighties.

Sadly, this whole thing feels hacky and  I really WANTED to like it.

Swing and a big miss by the “masters” of anime.

Check it outta the Redbox if you think I’m being too hard on it – but let me know if you disagree.

The Game I want Most.

Attention Dark Knight Video game developers.

This is what I want.

If you give me this, I will give you my money and write about how cool you are for at least 6 months.  If you supply this, I will never again bitch and moan about your release schedules or the insane amount of money your products cost.  Give me  this ONE thing and you will have me hooked forever.

Give me Gotham City. . .

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My hand still hurts . . .

So for all of you who have inquired about whether or not my art skills are limited to the digital manipulation of vinyl action figures . . . I say NO!

copyright 2008 - calmixx

Today I unveil my new art – soon to be headed to a museum near you –

Primary Pop Abstractions.

What does it mean?  Why define it ? 

Limited prints available – email me for prices . . .